A tradition that continues

Caffé Manaresi dates back to 1898 when it opened one of the first stand-up coffee bars in Italy, Located in Via De' Lamberti, in the heart of Florence.

Amongst the antique brass, mirrors and precious woodwork, was the aroma and flavour of a unique and unrivalled coffee which every Florentine remembers in his heart and palate.

That coffee was, Manaresi coffee.

Authentic Italian Espresso Experience

To this day, Manaresi has the same devoted care and passion in roasting, as it was in the past in the traditional process, to produce the authentic Italian espresso experience.

Manaresi continues with the same meticulous detail in choosing the highest quality beans and devoted care to small batch artisan roasting.


Using the finest quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Manaresi roasts and cools each separately, then carefully blends, to produce Manaresi 'Oro' and 'Marrone'.

Manaresi Oro - Gold Blend

Manaresi Oro - Gold Blend

90% Arabica10% Robusta

The perfect espresso with rich full flavour and broad deep taste.

The Manaresi Oro blend presents itself very aromatically with balanced fine flavours, elegantly harmonious acid values and light chocolate flavour. The 10% share of high-quality Robusta coffee beans is responsible for its beautiful crema.

Due to the pleasant fullness the Manaresi Oro blend is perfect for espresso, cappuccino and latte.

Manaresi Marrone - Brown Blend

Manaresi Marrone - Brown Blend

60% Arabica40% Robusta

Manaresi Marrone is a darker roast blend with a beautiful hazelnut hue, more typically found in Southern Italy. It provides a bold flavour without noticeable acidity.

The combination of almonds, chocolate and spices creates the unique flavour of this intense blend, and produces an outstanding Crema.

Perfect for a fullier-bodied espresso, macchiato or cappuccino.

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